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Marcella  Graham

The Root Remedy

Founder Marcella Graham

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  • Ingrid Isaac

    Ingrid Isaac

    Awesome job!

  • Puj Soo

    Puj Soo

    Congrats Ladie Breezie…keep demanding the best and you will receive nothing less. Hugs n kisses, Larnell

  • Cyreńe Cyreńe

    Cyreńe Cyreńe

    As I’ve watched you grow - proud is an understatement! May you continually strive for your dreams & face challenges head-on until you fulfill your life's purpose. As long as breath is in my body, I will never stop loving or supporting you. Love unconditionally - Mommy

  • Daniel Levasseur

    Daniel Levasseur

    Good luck Marcella!

  • MW

    Minni Williams

    Congratulations on making a difference

  • Lola Cornejo

    Lola Cornejo

    Good luck !