The Ledge Theatre

The Ledge Theatre
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Shaun Landry

The Ledge Theatre

Shaun Landry is the Founder/CEO/Artistic Director of The Ledge Theatre. Her main goal is to bring theatre and arts in education to The BIPOC Community while searching for a theater home of her own in Los Angeles.

Founder Shaun Landry

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  • William DeClercq

    William DeClercq

    Let's gooooo!

  • Cody Saunders

    Cody Saunders

    Hope this helps your efforts!

  • KP

    Kaiser Permanente

    From The crew of Kaiser good luck Ledge!

  • CT

    Community Outreach The SF Improv Alliance

    Thank you Jeffrey Thompson!

  • Stephen James

    Stephen James

    Thank you for building this!

  • JP

    Jamia Pickett

    You have created a wonderful company that is supporting a wonderful cause! Boop!!