The Ledge Theatre
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Meet the Founder

Shaun Landry Shaun Landry

Shaun Landry is the Founder/CEO/Artistic Director of The Ledge Theatre. Her main goal is to bring theatre and arts in education to The BIPOC Community while searching for a theater home of her own in Los Angeles.


  • Angel Swanson
    Angel Swanson

    Good luck you so deserve this!

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James

    Thank you for the better future!

  • Amy Seham
    Amy Seham

    The best!


    Shaun is one of the greatest minds and voices in the Improv Community. The Ledge is a wonderful opportunity to let improvisors of all backgrounds have a place to be seen, feel welcome and grow as a community.

  • D
    Duane Sharp

    Shaun is a tireless and talented leader, teacher and performer.

  • A
    Alan Peacock

    Shaun is a freakin’ goddess. She’s an inspiration. Smart, funny, and a force of nature.

  • Ryan Hitchcock
    Ryan Hitchcock


  • S
    Sean O’Malley

    It’s gonna happen! (Well maybe not the LA parking part)

  • Brigid Marshall
    Brigid Marshall


  • B
    Becky Brett

    So proud to be part of this organization and the work Shaun is doing!

Stay tuned for live competition updates and more!