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Jessica Jefferson Jefferson

SW Social Support

We are a full-service wellness collective of licensed professionals from all walks of wellness, medical, and mental health to homeopathy. We are multi-cultural, multilingual, & multiethnic professionals looking to connect with those on their wellness journeys. As y(our) professional partner in wellness, our team helps you do the hard work of healing in commUNITY. We believe everyone needs to be seen, heard, valued & belong.

Founder Jessica Jefferson Jefferson

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  • Natacha Dalberiste

    Natacha Dalberiste

    So happy and proud of everything you're doing to help so many people. Continue walking in your God given purpose sis! I'm rooting for you. :) -Natacha Dalberiste

  • Michele Boigris

    Michele Boigris

    Proud of you.

  • Michele Boigris

    Michele Boigris

    Congratulations Jessica

  • Nicole Loiten

    Nicole Loiten

    Pray that you will be successful! All the best.

  • Brittani Shingles

    Brittani Shingles

    Go Jess!

  • Yanick Presmy

    Yanick Presmy

    Hope you guys 🥇 win