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Jessica Jefferson Jefferson Jessica Jefferson Jefferson

We are a full-service wellness collective of licensed professionals from all walks of wellness, medical, and mental health to homeopathy. We are multi-cultural, multilingual, & multiethnic professionals looking to connect with those on their wellness journeys. As y(our) professional partner in wellness, our team helps you do the hard work of healing in commUNITY. We believe everyone needs to be seen, heard, valued & belong.


  • Natala Ferguson
    Natala Ferguson

    Keep up the good work!

  • Gretchen Long
    Gretchen Long

    It’s already yours!

  • Natacha Metayer
    Natacha Metayer

    Jessica is a pioneer in not only aiding people seeking mental health services but also aiding the providers of those services. Cheers Jess, you deserve this.

  • Ulrick Accime
    Ulrick Accime

    Thanks for bringing health and wellness to our community. You are a force for change and I'm excited to see what you do in the near future. -Ulrick

  • Ashley Rolle
    Ashley Rolle

    So proud of you and you forever have my support! God bless you!

  • M
    Marq Mitchell

    Wishing all the best to you and the team with this competition. You got this!

  • Kat Craig
    Kat Craig

    Jessica and her team did incredible work, going above and beyond, for a number of vulnerable people who were unable to get appropriate support elsewhere. The team’s empathy and expertise is unparalleled. I only wish more people could have access to their support — and I hope this facilitates that! Good luck SWSS, and thank you for everything.

  • Info Mrsb's
    Info Mrsb's

    I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You are already a WINner in my book.

  • Haitians Blog
    Haitians Blog

    We are so proud of you here at Dorsainvil Creative. Wishing you the best of luck my therapist sis

  • J
    Jessica Jean-Baptiste

    Let’s go Jess!

Stay tuned for live competition updates and more!