SW Social Support
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Meet the Founder

Jessica Jefferson Jefferson Jessica Jefferson Jefferson

We are a full-service wellness collective of licensed professionals from all walks of wellness, medical, and mental health to homeopathy. We are multi-cultural, multilingual, & multiethnic professionals looking to connect with those on their wellness journeys. As y(our) professional partner in wellness, our team helps you do the hard work of healing in commUNITY. We believe everyone needs to be seen, heard, valued & belong.


  • Regine Williams
    Regine Williams

    Way to go SW Social Support!

  • Grace Bramwell
    Grace Bramwell

    You know I'm cheering you on!!!!! Go win this thing

  • Natasha Boigris
    Natasha Boigris

    I pray you win.

  • Claude Rushia
    Claude Rushia

    This is such a wonderful opportunity for you to continue to be great and make a wonderful impact in so many lives. Wishing SW Social Support all the best.

  • Miss Elle
    Miss Elle

    You got this J!!

  • Elizabeth Edwards
    Elizabeth Edwards

    I am so happy that this so needed service is getting the recognition it deserves. Wishing you the best. - Elizabeth Edwards, LCSW

  • Jackylyn Kidd Kidd
    Jackylyn Kidd Kidd

    So proud of you Sis…Thank you for all you are doing for our community. We need representation, we need to see ourselves sitting across from us. Love you ❤️

  • Hawanya LMFT
    Hawanya LMFT

    Good fab divas. Let’s go for the gold!

  • Amanda Williams
    Amanda Williams

    You go, Girl!

  • M
    Michelle Talbert

    Jess! Here’s to The Work you do. The way you show up! The community you pour into. As an observer AND as a recipient I thank you and honor you! #weallwin 🧡

Stay tuned for live competition updates and more!