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My Roots Are Rich

Nyla Choates
This Pitch is Closed


  • C
    Colette Choates

    You where absolutely amazing

  • N
    Nyla Choates


  • F
    Fire N Desire Inc

    Yes Queen Nyla! You where perfect

  • P
    Paul Simon

    IM SO PROUD OF YOU BABY!!!!šŸ¤Ž you are so inspiring to everyone, and Iā€™m super proud of you! I love you so much. Remember your that Girl šŸ¤Ž

  • A
    Andrew Ankamah Jr.

    Proud of you Ny! -Drew

  • Latricia Williams
    Latricia Williams

    Congratulations! And I pray God continues t bless your journey.

  • Kayla Choates
    Kayla Choates

    Help us to plant the seeds that we need to grow and thrive! You are the most dedicated person I know. You will put the funds towards great use and change so many lives. I am so proud of you!

  • D
    Debra Watkins

    What a great pitch! Your product could positively impact the lives of countless Black children!

  • C
    Clifford Choates

    You are the change this world needs! You make me proud everyday

  • Q

    Continue to make us proud Nyla!!

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