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Meet the Founder

Trudy  Armand Trudy Armand

Mother and daughter business partners, Pam (mother) and Trudy (daughter) founded HER-MINE in loving memory of Trudy's favorite aunt and Pam's baby sister Hermine. HER-MINE is a beauty, wellness & lifestyle brand primarily featuring products by women-owned businesses. Each box features carefully selected items that deliver value and pursue a common purpose: to foster the growth of women-owned businesses through partnership. HER-MINE's overarching mission is to support women. They do this by 1. Curating products from women-owned vendors. 2. Promoting and sharing the stories behind the women-owned vendor partners. 3. By providing microloans to women business owners around the globe through their HER-MINE Sisterhood team on KIVA.com.


  • Marcia Weldon
    Marcia Weldon

    Amazing job on your pitch!!

  • Pam Chin
    Pam Chin

    Looking forward to tremendous growth

  • Liz Santis
    Liz Santis

    Great presentation, best wishes!

  • Shelly Hiranand
    Shelly Hiranand

    Congratulations on a great concept and presentation. I thoroughly enjoy your products. Knowing the story behind the creation of the company makes me feel great about supporting you and your team.

  • K
    Kaleith Harriott

    Great presentation Trudy… A product with social value… Awesome idea!

  • Melanie Chin
    Melanie Chin

    Love the story behind the Her-mine box and how it gives back. She definitely deserves to win!

  • Chef Farrell
    Chef Farrell

    Pam and Trudy we love you and can’t wait to see how far you grow in your venture!!!

  • Islamiyat Adebisi
    Islamiyat Adebisi

    Amazing job!


    Thank you for the awesome service you provide to our global community of women!!!

  • Gerri Rocker
    Gerri Rocker

    Best of luck! Great pitch! So very proud of you! Hugs, Gerri

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