Trudy  Armand

Trudy Armand

Founder & Donor

Trudy Armand is the co-founder of HER-MINE, a self-care, lifestyle gift box company focused on women. Trudy started HER-MINE in loving memory of her favorite aunt Hermine Ricketts-Carroll. Trudy and her mom who is her business partner, built on the ecommerce experience they had garnered through almost 10 years as third-party sellers on such platforms as Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart. HER-MINE initially started as a subscription box company and has grown to now include B2B and corporate gifting. Their business model is focused on women's empowerment and they curate products primarily from women-owned companies. HER-MINE was in the top 10 women-owned boxes on CrateJoy in 2021, and nominated Best Women's Box in 2021.