Blow Candle Co. - Monique Parker-Murchison

Blow Candle Co. - Monique Parker-Murchison

Monique Parker
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Meet the Founder

Monique Parker Monique Parker

Blow Candle Co. is a candle and home fragrance studio that focuses on sustainable, non toxic products that you can enjoy and feel safe using in your home! We take immense pleasure in being a part of any action or ritual that brings you back to self and makes you feel GOOD! We're proud to provide scents that fill a room but don't overpower, the kind to compliment every moment flawlessly. In addition to our fragrances, we share the art of candle making with guests and create opportunities for artisans and entrepreneurs to generate additional income by hosting workshops, galleries and in person activations in our gorgeous creative studio! We strive to spread a little joy throughout our community by providing an oasis for unknowing creatives t


  • Pamela King
    Pamela King


  • Luna Smith
    Luna Smith

    I love these candles!!

  • Monica Parker
    Monica Parker

    You were AMAZING!!!!! Continue to let your beautiful light shine!

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