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Meet the Founder

Michelle Wiltshire Michelle Wiltshire

Dr. Michelle Wiltshire is a licensed clinical psychologist and entrepreneur who describes herself as overly curious, highly motivated, and holistically inclined. As the owner of Wasabi + Well, she’s on a mission to build a community of doers. Her vision is to create a wellness community who embrace their imperfections by engaging in radical self-honesty. She believes in the magic of Black-girl whimsy that exists on the other side of whole-self healing. Wasabi + Well emphasizes mental health accessibility for Black Professional Women by offering culturally informed therapy, guided wellness courses, and a virtual wellness community designed to foster more healing, lasting self-love, and professional success.


  • Ptah Dunbar
    Ptah Dunbar

    Michelle is a leader in action 🦄 Let’s go!

  • C
    Chan Hem

    What an incredible story and venture! Best of luck!

  • Kary Perry
    Kary Perry

    Good Luck Michele! So proud of you for stepping out on faith! You deserve all of the blessings coming your way! Very well done!

  • Kahina Louis
    Kahina Louis

    Congrats again! Best of wishes to you!

  • R
    Rosie Garcia Garcia

    Best of luck!! Your pitch was great! You deserve this! Sending lots of love- Rosie

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