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Trap Cardio

Ashley Redwood
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Meet the Founder

Ashley Redwood Ashley Redwood


  • Kimberly Berry
    Kimberly Berry

    My favorite workout!!!

  • Shawniece Shawniece
    Shawniece Shawniece

    Rooting for you! We decree and declare it’s yours!

  • De Durham
    De Durham

    A real life walking transformation!! She’s the real deal guys!! 💛🥰💚

  • Shari P
    Shari P


  • Megan L
    Megan L

    Best of luck! 💚

  • De Durham
    De Durham

    At every fitness level, you ARE welcomed!! Trap Cardio is where you find ur voice, strength, ur sexy and most importantly the chance to prove to YOU that you CAN do this!! Healthy is a lifestyle!!

  • K
    Keena Sumpter

    We love trap cardio, Trap cardio has help me with no only my health but mental as well.

  • Kimberly Berry
    Kimberly Berry

    Life changing! Black women need to see this unity. You feel loved even virtually.

  • Ms. Q
    Ms. Q

    So very proud of you! Keep walking in your purpose

  • Y
    Yolanda Pierce Pierce

    Trap cardio is an excellent inspiring fitness program that has influenced myself to become healthy in my journey.

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