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Meet the Founder

Roger Sherman Roger Sherman

Our mission is to provide our customers the most savory and delicious barbecue they’ve ever had by using real wood and real smoke to flavor out meats the way people have for thousands of years. We make food taste the way food is supposed to taste.


  • Katherine Cook
    Katherine Cook

    Rooting for you!

  • Jonathan Martel
    Jonathan Martel

    the greatest bbq ever.

  • P
    Paul Shangold

    Fantastic job Roger! It’s only the beginning.

  • G
    Gena Shangold

    Fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!!

  • Carolyn Reed
    Carolyn Reed

    Awesome presentation! And I am so hungry now. :-)

  • snailkite virginia
    snailkite virginia

    Loved Mr Sherman's business model. A business, like a community, is more successful when we partner with others!

  • Lisabeth Deans
    Lisabeth Deans

    Awesome pitch!

  • dakota harris
    dakota harris

    I have had his food before and I was never disappointed. His cooking skills as well as his business practices are by far a cut above

  • Emjay Harris
    Emjay Harris

    Great pitch! Good luck

  • J
    Jeff Hamlin

    Good Luck!

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