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StunnerBee Beauty

Brianna Meshack
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  • D
    DeAnna Mo

    I am so excited about your brand! You betta go Queen!!

  • L
    LaQuita Cobb

    Lets Go Friend!!!!🎒

  • M
    Martha Perez

    Your makeup bags are amazing!!!!! Good luck

  • B
    Bk Simpson


  • Te’Ana Toney
    Te’Ana Toney

    I’m not sure what I signed up for but if Brianna Meshack is behind it I know it’s gonna be worth it!!!

  • Amber Wallace
    Amber Wallace

    Best wishes!! 💕

  • Clemesa Williams
    Clemesa Williams

    I’m beyond excited for you!! As a MUA and Esthetician your level of expertise and knowledge in this industry has inspired me to continue to strive for greatness. Your Beauty Boss bag has elevated my beauty brand to another level. I now travel to my clients with durability and elegance . Only the best for my makeup travels 💋

  • Christie Dionne
    Christie Dionne

    I’m so proud and inspired to know you and watch your journey unfold. Love you my 🐝!!! 💕

  • A
    Athena Villareal


  • H
    Hannah Arey

    Proud of you always!

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