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Meet the Founder

Stephanie Smith Stephanie Smith

SiMMY is a digital ads simulator designed to teach how to manage digital ads and allows users to practice managing those ads with simulations without risking real money.


  • Simara Pérez
    Simara Pérez

    Excellent idea!

  • Kameron Loftman
    Kameron Loftman

    So proud of Stephanie. I believe in her passion to help small businesses and as a small business owner I am thankful for her idea. ❤️

  • S
    Susa Smith

    Kill it!!

  • lashawn douglas
    lashawn douglas

    Good luck Steph!

  • W
    Whitney Johnson

    Best wishes, Stephanie!

  • Munson Steed
    Munson Steed

    Always believe in yourself. I am very proud of you. Continued success!!

  • Lynn Morancie
    Lynn Morancie

    good luck!

  • A
    Anita Roberson

    You got this, Steph!

  • K
    Korey Carter

    You killed it!!!!

  • C
    Cortni Middleton

    You've got this Steph!

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