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Channing Beumer

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A Place for HER: Shop CNK What does service, building community, and opportunity look like for you? For us, it all starts from the sole. Over the last seven years, CNK (short for "Chicks N Kicks"), has grown from a small blog to a media company that has become a beacon for women across all facets of the sneaker and streetwear industry. Since 2016, we've seen the US sneaker market boast $22.3 Billion in annual sales with women accounting for 36.9% of the consumer market share yet, they remain underserved in community retail spaces. Now, we're addressing that gap by expanding from online to IRL with Shop CNK - the first Black-woman-owned and Woman-focused experiential retail concept in the United States.

Founder Channing Beumer

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    Bart Cole

    Bart donate 20

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    Erinn Knight

    A true inspiration! So excited for Chan & the future of CNK!!!

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    Tara Wilson

    Go CNK Team Go!

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    Lindsey Varra

    so proud of you!!! rooting for you always!

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    Taylor Fernandez


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    Carmen HARDAWAY

    Love ya’ll and love this!!! Keep shining!! - Carmen Hardaway