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Tiffany  Townsend

Ship Black

Founder Tiffany Townsend

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  • Laura Barnard

    Laura Barnard

    Tiffany is a rockstar

  • Karla Aghedo

    Karla Aghedo

    This is so exciting, Tiffany! I love your business concept and the way you're supporting Black business owners in e-commerce. It sounds like you are especially suited for the business needs of this pandemic. Incredible!

  • AS

    Alicia Scott

    Loved your pitch! You not only sell a service/product but you also educate your customers! That shows your heartfelt desire of helping others succeed. God bless your business!

  • Cherena Mills

    Cherena Mills

    Great job!

  • Tramaine Singleton

    Tramaine Singleton

    God bless!

  • Chimere Taylor

    Chimere Taylor

    Congratulations 🎊