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  • Jaired Epps
    Jaired Epps

    Keep it up!

  • keziah kiper
    keziah kiper

    Great work! -thekiperkrewe

  • Ethel Tyus
    Ethel Tyus

    Write your Congressional Representatives to carefully revise drone restrictions to permit your delivery services. Write & call repeatedly.

  • MrEtjohns1 MrEtjohns1
    MrEtjohns1 MrEtjohns1

    Phenomenal concept!

  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris

    Awesome pitch! Keep it up!

  • S
    Stacey Woodson

    Partnering with CVS would assist our senior generation with prescription deliveries and much more. Keep moving forward!

  • Kieran Chavis
    Kieran Chavis

    Keep going champ!

  • K Sam
    K Sam

    Keep on grinding and putting in the work! -The Sam Fam and Gee gee

  • Gregg Shields
    Gregg Shields

    Great things are coming for you bro! Don’t ever doubt your process! Congrats boss!!

  • Keisha Liburd
    Keisha Liburd

    Aggie Pride💙💛 Sending well and winning wishes! -Keisha

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