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Deslyn A
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Meet the Founder

Deslyn A Deslyn A

Deslyn is a retired pharmacist who swapped a life of metrics and calculations for activism and creativity. After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2019, Deslyn began confronting the idea of the message and legacy she wanted to leave behind. Thus, Koality Kontent was born in Michigan in 2020. As an avid nature explorer with bonds inside the puzzle community, Deslyn saw an opportunity to connect with puzzle fanatics and educate them on their connection to nature and the importance of protecting it. Since then, she prides herself on engaging with other puzzlers and takes a passionate stance on the positive effects puzzling can have on both the brain and the environment.


  • Brittny Horne
    Brittny Horne

    So proud of you, my puzzle sis! You are crushing it. Good luck!!!

  • Terez Chapman
    Terez Chapman

    Super excited for the plans you have to expand your reach and impact more lives! Looking forward to see the continued growth and prosperity!

  • L. Black
    L. Black

    You grow girl, you've got this! 🖤

  • A
    AISHA Scriber Scriber

    Great job..You are amazing Keep pushing..I'm behind you We are hoping you Win. Aisha Scriber

  • MiChelle Risby
    MiChelle Risby

    I believe in you and what you are going! Keep going Queen!

  • Kendelle M
    Kendelle M

    Happy I could support!

  • C
    Cortni Middleton

    Yes Sis! we love you and we're rooting for you all the way.

  • Marilyn CPRinstructor
    Marilyn CPRinstructor

    I admire your tenancy to leave a profession that wasn't fulfilling to you. I love that you're enthused about saving OUR planet. Love this product!!! You got my vote!!!

  • Sammy Brownlow
    Sammy Brownlow

    Good luck!!

  • A Lamptey
    A Lamptey

    So proud of you Deslyn

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