PUG ai
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Meet the Founder

Samerial Johns Samerial Johns

PUG.ai is an innovative career management software using A.I. tools and digital humans to help individuals upskill and land career opportunities in technology, media and business.


  • M
    Mary Conn-Fitch

    Keep rockin it Sammie!

  • D
    Daweed Abdiel

    Go Sammie!

  • C
    Candida Savice

    Proud of you !!

  • F
    Fatu Kamara

    Wish you good luck, sweetheart.

  • T
    Tasha Johns

    Great job Sammie!!

  • Eddie Miller
    Eddie Miller

    Best wishes Sammie

  • S
    Sam Johns

    I support you Sammie!

  • L
    Lincoln Ward

    Good luck Sammie

  • I
    Ifeanacho Okeke

    Goodluck sammie and continue being supreme :p

  • M
    Moriah Gaines

    Congrats Sammy so proud of you ❤️

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