PUG ai
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Meet the Founder

Samerial Johns Samerial Johns

PUG.ai is an innovative career management software using A.I. tools and digital humans to help individuals upskill and land career opportunities in technology, media and business.


  • V
    Vaylah Clinton

    Congratulations on your progress and good luck with future endeavor. Mr. Clinton

  • M
    Marthaline Cooper

    Good luck Sammie!!

  • A
    Abrom Cooper

    You go Sammie. I love your pitch. It is eloquently rehearsed.

  • E
    Eden Collier

    Awesome presentation!

  • M
    Mike Doryen

    Pug ai has been a life changing source for my career. Very organized set of tools attracting potential employers. I’ve attained many vital certifications for my career path. They’ve worked for the best for me.

  • M
    Mike Doryen

    Samerial and Pug ai have always been determined in making sure you get what you seek, as far as courses, learning modules, and the like. I trust Samerial, her platform, her associates and the mentorship provided. I’m very grateful. It’s a dedication that goes above and beyond.

  • L
    Lucy Villero

    Amazing pitch! Thank you for your effort

  • T
    Thania Villatoro

    Sammie, what an innovative concept that is already making an impact! Fantastic! I wholeheartedly vote for PUG ai!!

  • L
    Lin Chen


  • Banke Banke Balogun
    Banke Banke Balogun

    Can’t wait to see you win!

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