PUG ai
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Meet the Founder

Samerial Johns Samerial Johns

PUG.ai is an innovative career management software using A.I. tools and digital humans to help individuals upskill and land career opportunities in technology, media and business.


  • K
    Khadra Ayorinde

    We are so proud of you Samerial. Keep up the good work. PUG ai is unique and we have no doubt you will reach your goal of raising 2.5 million dollars. GOOOOOO Sammie. The Ayorinde family

  • N
    Nwankwo Jephthah ThankGod

    She is one of our proud

  • V
    Vashta Wright

    Wishing you all the success and blessings.

  • J
    Jane Knowlden

    We indeed support your innovation and courage to explore more and more

  • T
    T. Aaron Lankah

    We are hopeful of your successful winning to this competition base on your hard work done over the years

  • P
    Peterline Breeze

    Samerial you most win this competition no matter what, because you work so hard to reach this far

  • m
    mahira green

    Great job Sammie , You got this.

  • E
    Ellen Reeves

    You got this girl

  • T
    The Telvee Marvie

    I Love you ❤️

  • K
    Katherine Ramirez

    I love your work God Bless💞

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