PUG ai
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Meet the Founder

Samerial Johns Samerial Johns

PUG.ai is an innovative career management software using A.I. tools and digital humans to help individuals upskill and land career opportunities in technology, media and business.


  • Kelly Marble
    Kelly Marble

    So proud of you! Be bold, be brave, be brilliant. ✨

  • San Robinson
    San Robinson

    Congrats on your first pitch! You did amazing— PUG.ai is NEEDED!

  • T
    Tiyeda Johns

    Truly enjoyed hearing your pitch! We need this, you're doing a fantastic job!

  • I
    Iyin Akinlabi-Oladimeji

    Amazing pitch!

  • Caroline Dennis
    Caroline Dennis

    You got this luv and I am super proud of you

  • N
    Nellie HAMELBERG

    My beloved niece I am so proud of you. Thanks so much and God blessing 💕

  • L
    Leshan Kroma

    Go girl

  • W

    Amazing Sammie!!!

  • A
    Alhajie Khan

    I need more information about your business plan

  • K
    Kevwe Mowarin

    Love PUG!! So excited to see this transform the edtech industry!

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