Pearson Rue Designs - Melissa Pearson

Pearson Rue Designs - Melissa Pearson

Melissa Pearson
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Meet the Founder

Melissa  Pearson Melissa Pearson

We are an interior design company that specializes in creating beautiful functional spaces for families. We plan to expand our expertise in designing for kids and adults with special needs.


  • Magan Pearson
    Magan Pearson

    Congratulations! You have an amazing idea and designs 😊 So very proud of you!

  • Darion Pearson
    Darion Pearson

    What an amazing concept and service! I cannot wait for you to design a beautiful and functional space for my home!

  • Shalonne Luke
    Shalonne Luke

    This is such a great idea that will help so many people. Keep pushing and good luck!

  • R
    Renee Freeman

    Congratulations and thank you for the amazing work for special needs populations.

  • Sharonna Harris
    Sharonna Harris

    So happy for you Melissa! You’re such a talented designer and I know you’re going to do amazing things and design great spaces!

  • Alexis Coleman
    Alexis Coleman

    Congratulations Melissa on your endeavor! Your inclusive environment design is not only creative but also impactful. We are rooting for you all the way from California. Onward!

  • Kim Green
    Kim Green


  • A
    Arianne Pearson

    Melissa as always your ideas are in helping others. Your, compassion, kindness, and giving spirit will take this endeavor to the next level. This exceptional concept by far is one of your best! Much Love and Support!

  • F
    Frances Davis Williams Davis Williams

    Great vision. Your passion is meeting a specific purpose that will transform lives! Good Luck, Friend!

  • A
    Austin Adams Adams

    Hopefully this will go along way Love you!

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