This Pitch is Closed


  • Francisca Francois
    Francisca Francois

    I was sold just from your pitch! You're doing it sis

  • A
    Alexander Schuster

    Go Keta!

  • A
    Alexander Schuster

    Let’s go!

  • N
    Nikki Okrah

    Go Keta and the Ourside team!!

  • S
    Sylvia Atsaves

    Great pitch!!

  • E
    Erica Payne

    Love the work you are doing Keta - Keep it up!

  • S
    Shekeyla Nicole Caldwell Sandore

    Go Keta! We need Ourside in all the stores!!!

  • R
    Rebecca Braun

    Rooting for ya!

  • Allison O'Shea
    Allison O'Shea

    Good luck, Keta!!

  • Mimi Sheng
    Mimi Sheng

    Go Keta

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