Naked Chemistry Skincare
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Meet the Founder

Rachel  Zeigler Rachel Zeigler

solution based skincare created by a licensed cosmetologist


  • T
    Toi Gray

    How exciting. Very good pitch. Nice presentation of you products also.

  • Chanleigh Davis
    Chanleigh Davis

    Proud of you and your journey friend 🀞🏽🀍🀍🀍🀍🀍

  • B
    Briana Farris

    So proud of you!! Keep up the good work!

  • R
    Ronnie Person

    Love you Cuzzo - lil Ronnie

  • Phyllis  Wise
    Phyllis Wise

    Best of Luck to you! You're AWESOME ❀️

  • Evan  Gholson
    Evan Gholson

    Awesome pitch!! So proud of you πŸ’•

  • M
    Meaghan Reeves

    Best skincare brand on the market!!

  • A
    Akeema Bryan

    It’s already yours πŸ™πŸΎπŸ«°πŸΎβ€οΈ. I truly cannot wait to see your business reach the new heights that I know it will. Let’s goooooo $10K for Naked Chemistry will be more than well deserved.

  • S
    Shellsea Thompson

    I hope you get some funding $$$$. Thanks for everything.

  • Kiana Carson
    Kiana Carson

    You got this!!!!!

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