Mountain Gaming
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Meet the Founder

Aniya Cheri Aniya Cheri

Mountain Gaming is an innovative game development company dedicated to creating meaningful gaming experiences. Our games inspire personal growth, empathy, and positive change. We provide a safe space for exploring complex issues like racial violence, aiming to enrich lives and promote Black History education through engaging games.


  • V
    Venus Fisher

    Let’s go Aniya! Love Venus

  • V
    Venus Fisher

    Rooting for you Aniya! Venus

  • R
    Reyna Johnson

    You’re doing amazing!

  • D
    Davyd Ramirez

    I hope this game is a success. The next version could be the Black Panthers or Malcolm X or something in the 20th century. Maybe add an Easter Egg with a modern day mention of the racial divide. Good luck!!

  • Adrian Campbell
    Adrian Campbell

    You’re DOPE and so is your concept! It’s makes me smile to see a Black woman in Tech/Gaming- it gives my daughter someone to look up to! I can’t wait to show her what you’ve created. Continue pathing the way for more with brown skin. We see you and we stand behind you 🫶🏽

  • O
    Olivia Binder

    Way to go Niece…so proud of you!❤️

  • D
    Dajah Williams

    You GO, girl!

  • C
    Corte Weatherall

    Let’s get it!

  • b
    ben cam

    I look forward to playing this game in the near future. Great idea and concept.

  • M
    Matthew Manos

    Groundbreaking idea that will transform education!

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