Mountain Gaming
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Meet the Founder

Aniya Cheri Aniya Cheri

Mountain Gaming is an innovative game development company dedicated to creating meaningful gaming experiences. Our games inspire personal growth, empathy, and positive change. We provide a safe space for exploring complex issues like racial violence, aiming to enrich lives and promote Black History education through engaging games.


  • M
    Michelle Rodriguez

    Your game is needed! This is a great game that will reshape the stigma and improve mental health! Keep going, you’re already succeeding!

  • A
    Alea Elizabeth

    Keep going girl! Never give up!

  • K
    Kori Caldwell

    Can’t wait to play!

  • S
    Shay Andrews

    Stay focused and persistent! You got this💪🏾

  • D
    D Thomas

    This is amazing! So proud of you and happy to support! My parents were very select with what made the cut for us to interact with/watch/read as kids and this would have made the cut!

  • Z
    Zakiya Binder

    Praying for you success! Love you! -Kiya

  • N
    Nailah Fisher

    Your pitch was great! I can’t wait to bring the game to playstation and see what it brings in its full version!

  • T
    Tiffany Pressley

    I can’t wait to play your game!

  • A
    Andriette Roberts

    Great job!

  • Dawg Food luv lol
    Dawg Food luv lol

    You are a winner and we gone do our best to show the world that

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