Mountain Gaming
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Meet the Founder

Aniya Cheri Aniya Cheri

Mountain Gaming is an innovative game development company dedicated to creating meaningful gaming experiences. Our games inspire personal growth, empathy, and positive change. We provide a safe space for exploring complex issues like racial violence, aiming to enrich lives and promote Black History education through engaging games.


  • Adler Cadet
    Adler Cadet

    Wus up Aniya!!! I see where your going with your vision and love it. Ive imagined myself being in your shoes with a whole bunch of ideas . Guess you can daydreaming ...lmao. But keep doing what your doing. Ive always dreamt of playing a pro black game or playing one. Black forst ✊🏿 Sistah

  • K
    K Des

    Love you tons! Keep exceeding

  • R
    Ravel Ejaz

    Our vote is with you Aniya, Goodluck!

  • C
    Chris Turner

    This is such an amazing idea and concept! Keep pushing to do everything you can to get these types of games out into the world!

  • A
    Angel Devost

    You’re such an amazing person doing amazing things. You deserve this and so much more.

  • C
    Carol Chung

    This is a great concept! Love it!

  • D’Anthony Thomas
    D’Anthony Thomas

    Obi said hey

  • L
    LaTasha Binder

    This is Amazing!

  • M
    Metria T

    Let’s go Aniya!!

  • J
    Jess Williams

    So proud of you 🩷

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