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Meet the Founder

Chelsea VonChaz Chelsea VonChaz

Activist & educator Chelsea VonChaz founded the first Black menstrual movement in the U.S. Inspired by the state of people with wombs and her advocacy work within the wellness sector, Chelsea has launched Menärchē. Menärchē is a wellness center prioritizing people with periods, providing educational resources and a shame-free shopping experience.


  • Shaun Landry
    Shaun Landry

    I'm voting for my fellow ladies of color as I believe in ALL of us! :)

  • Durand Bernarr
    Durand Bernarr

    You ate that 🤭🫰🏽

  • I
    Illiana Thomas

    Thank you for leading the charge Chelsea! This is a movement that cant be slept on. Thank you for educating and providing tools and resources for ya girls!

  • Jason Barnes
    Jason Barnes

    Go Chelsea Go!!!

  • Kevito Clark
    Kevito Clark

    Great cause created by a great human being.

  • Shannon Walker
    Shannon Walker


  • Metta Beshay
    Metta Beshay

    You’re gonna win this friend!!!

  • Tai'Leah Paige
    Tai'Leah Paige

    We love to see you win, Chelsea 🤍

  • M
    Michael Arola

    You’re doing AMAZING Sweety!!

  • M
    Michael Arola

    You’re doing AMAZING Sweety!!

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