Lovette Mba - The Ubi Box

Lovette Mba - The Ubi Box

Lovette Mba
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Lovette Mba Lovette Mba


  • Aaron Dantley
    Aaron Dantley

    Phenomenal pitch! Really love the idea of making in state produce deliveries available in food deserts. And it’s so shocking Kansas produces so much food but still has these deserts. Also, If you’re looking for any application development support please let me know: /

  • Deonna Owens
    Deonna Owens

    I love this!!

  • Kyla Stembridge
    Kyla Stembridge

    Your Ubi Box is such an innovative idea! Keep believing in yourself and you will go far!

  • J
    Jennifer James

    This is a great idea! Wichita could really use this great local box! Great job Lovette!!

  • Doris Agwu
    Doris Agwu

    Love you! This is an amazing idea. 💜

  • Kimberly Agwu
    Kimberly Agwu

    Good luck cousin! You got this! So proud of you!

  • Marygrace Mba
    Marygrace Mba

    This is a brilliant idea and definitely needed in Wichita, KS and other communities. Best of luck!!

  • Jelena Herriott
    Jelena Herriott

    Let’s get our communities access to food!

  • OGBigDawg95 OGBigDawg95
    OGBigDawg95 OGBigDawg95

    Good luck Lovette, The LU is supporting you.

  • Teara Robinson
    Teara Robinson

    Good luck Girlie!!

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