Love Served Warm
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Meet the Founder

Tianna Trinidad Tianna Trinidad

Tianna is a Masters Prepared Registered Nurse, PCOS Hormone Coach, and founder of Love Served Warm. I help women struggling with PCOS and hormone imbalances learn to balance their hormones so that they can have healthy periods and healthy pregnancies, naturally through dietary and lifestyle changes.


  • Kiovanni Maysonet
    Kiovanni Maysonet

    PCOS is a SERIOUS issues and as a woman of color, we need this! Thank you for your service Tianna!

  • Joanne Patterson
    Joanne Patterson

    So Proud of you!

  • Jason Maysonet
    Jason Maysonet

    Keep doing what you do! Very proud of you!

  • C
    Cortni Middleton

    Keep reaching for the stars; skies the limit!

  • C
    Claudie K

    Great Job! Keep educating the world! Proud of you!

  • Venus Salisan
    Venus Salisan

    God bless all of your endeavors with His greatness & favor! You’re loved💕🙏🏽😘

  • Jaylyn Maysonet
    Jaylyn Maysonet


  • Jayda Maysonet
    Jayda Maysonet

    I’m so proud of everything you are accomplishing !! Keep it up

  • L
    Leonard Jones

    You got this!! Good Luck

  • J
    Jeannette Martiarena Martiarena

    Tianna you got this!!!! It takes Someone who has your level of commitment to change the world of PCOS!!

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