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Meet the Founder

Chelsea Mooreland Chelsea Mooreland

A membership based comprehensive primary care home offering families the quality, continuity, and transparency you've been looking for. For a flat monthly fee, our members benefit from care at all of life's ages and stages, allowing us to provide you with deeply personalized and compassionate care without the hassle and limitations of insurance. We minimize out of pocket costs and emphasize preventive and family care as a means to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities.


  • S
    Stephanie Gilliard-Sheard

    A physician who genuinely cares about her patients!

  • P
    Pragna Patel

    Awesome job! You were so poised!

  • Jaleesa Davis
    Jaleesa Davis

    I’m so proud of you! I wish you the best!

  • Jaimie Zydorczyk
    Jaimie Zydorczyk

    ♥️♥️ keep doing God's work, you are awesome.

  • Courtney Thomas
    Courtney Thomas

    I love what you're doing! May God bless your practice.

  • Juliet Martin
    Juliet Martin

    Good luck ! You are amazing and I hope you win!

  • Oumou Fofana
    Oumou Fofana

    Such an incredible mentor and an inspiration to all. You are going to change the world!

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas

    Good luck Chelsea ! 💖ashley

  • alethea Bernard
    alethea Bernard

    Job well done! There are many communities lacking these services.

  • Stacy Hall
    Stacy Hall

    This is forward thinking! Changing the face of healthcare especially for black & brown individuals through quality, accessibility, and compassion gets my vote every time. Good Luck, Chelsea

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