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Jace Watkins - Kouture Xpress

Jace Watkins
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Jace Watkins Jace Watkins


  • K
    Kalena Stovall

    This is a great idea. Congratulations on your success so far! Keep going!

  • Aaron Dantley
    Aaron Dantley

    Phenomenal pitch! Really love this vending machine idea. If you’re looking for any application development support please let me know: aarondantley@gmail.com / LinkedIn.com/in/Aaron-Dantley

  • A
    Abigail Simpson Simpson

    Amazing pitch!! I am so proud of you.

  • Don Rice
    Don Rice

    Smartest student I’ve ever known!!!

  • M
    Mary Garrett

    Hope you win sweetie 😘

  • Ariel Davenport
    Ariel Davenport

    You Got This JaceyPooh ❤️

  • Reeva Cordice
    Reeva Cordice

    I’m over at Clark Atlanta & we’d love to bring the vending idea to the campus!

  • Tyra Gross
    Tyra Gross

    Proud of you! ❤️Dr. Gross

  • Evan Jr.
    Evan Jr.

    Anything for you my lovely

  • Michelle Rice
    Michelle Rice

    Brilliant! Great job!

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