J.I.V.E Juice Company - Tamala Austin

J.I.V.E Juice Company - Tamala Austin

Tamala Austin
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Meet the Founder

Tamala Austin Tamala Austin

JIVE Juice Company is the premier provider of manufactured cold-pressed beverages; healthy lifestyle that is both enjoyable and sustainable.


  • T
    Trey Smith Smith

    JIVE JUICE, Best juice in town.

  • LaQuita Emanuel
    LaQuita Emanuel

    Love you Tam thanks for blazing the trail!!! Love you, Quita Oscar and Isaiah

  • Sharnelle Jones
    Sharnelle Jones

    This juice and the passion and genuine spirit that Tamala has to see communities become more healthy by providing a tasty alternative to sugary drinks is a tremendous BLESSING! Her business acumen is professional and thorough, and her commitment to walking by faith and not by sight is inspiring and empowering! God bless you, Sis!!


    Absolutely amazing product and CEO!

  • Sonya M.D.
    Sonya M.D.

    #yourbiggestfan #OrthoDoc™️

  • T
    Toni Felder

    Proud of you!❤️🙏🏾

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