J.I.V.E Juice Company - Tamala Austin

J.I.V.E Juice Company - Tamala Austin
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Tamala Austin

J.I.V.E Juice Company - Tamala Austin

JIVE Juice Company is the premier provider of manufactured cold-pressed beverages; healthy lifestyle that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

Founder Tamala Austin

Meet the Founder


  • TF

    Toni Felder

    Proud of you!❤️🙏🏾

  • Sonya M.D.

    Sonya M.D.

    #yourbiggestfan #OrthoDoc™️



    Absolutely amazing product and CEO!

  • Sharnelle Jones

    Sharnelle Jones

    This juice and the passion and genuine spirit that Tamala has to see communities become more healthy by providing a tasty alternative to sugary drinks is a tremendous BLESSING! Her business acumen is professional and thorough, and her commitment to walking by faith and not by sight is inspiring and empowering! God bless you, Sis!!

  • LaQuita Emanuel

    LaQuita Emanuel

    Love you Tam thanks for blazing the trail!!! Love you, Quita Oscar and Isaiah

  • TS

    Trey Smith Smith

    JIVE JUICE, Best juice in town.