good dirt™

good dirt™
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Lynn Callaway

good dirt™

good dirt™ is a testament to the shared journey of Lynn and Mario, a husband and wife team blending urban agriculture expertise with a profound love for fungi. Stemming from Lynn's struggles with gut health after their son's birth, their exploration led to the creation of mushroom and fiber-based drinks that became the foundation of good dirt™. Rooted in a deep reverence for nature, their commitment to sustainability is evident in every sip.

Founder Lynn Callaway

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  • Th

    Trina hill

    I am so proud of the vision and the the hard work! This is just the beginning!

  • DC

    Danielle Callaway-Njama

    So proud of ya'll!!

  • SC

    Sophia Campbell

    Congratulations and good luck!

  • GW

    Gregory Winley


  • AF

    Ashlee Freeman

    Way to go!

  • NJ

    Nastasja Jackson

    This is wonderful! I want some good dirt! I’ve never heard of this until now. Way to go! Someone at shark tank would pick this up real quick!