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Meet the Founder

Jannea Wolff Jannea Wolff

Jannea Wolff is a Health and Wellness Coach that empowers moms who have experienced a traumatic birth feel good in their skin again. She does this through a holistic approach that involves mental health support, nutrition support and physical movement. She is a licensed social worker and a certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience supporting individuals both mentally and physically. Having gone through a traumatic birth herself, she knows firsthand what it’s like to have your life flash before your eyes and do the work to regain your wellness and thrive. She now is dedicated to helping women continue their healing journey with support through a group coaching program.


  • Janel Hicks
    Janel Hicks

    A very well needed business. So many mothers suffering in silence.

  • Kellie Brown
    Kellie Brown

    Love this mission!!!

  • Sharon Davis
    Sharon Davis

    Love you Jannea snd best wishes to you

  • Kim Sakil
    Kim Sakil

    That was a great pitch, Jannea! Take care.

  • M
    Meah Barrington Barrington

    I love how you’re turning your pain into power. Continue doing amazing things!

  • Damion Rose
    Damion Rose

    Good luck from Dre !!!!

  • Kim Cabral
    Kim Cabral

    Good luck Jannea!!! Love you!!!

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    I think what Jannea is doing is amazing. When me and my girlfriend talk about having kids, she often brings up the fear of a traumatic birth or her fear of never losing baby weight. This is not only her fear but also her friends and some family thoughts aswell. I highly appreciate that she provides help for the physical but also the mental health, which is often ignored. I think what she's doing is much needed. Jannea is bringing awareness and real soultions to isses many black women unfortunately face in this country, but hope is on the horizion!!

  • Marcella Fulmore
    Marcella Fulmore

    Keep helping black women understand that we need to approach health differently than what we’ve been taught. Best Wishes Marcy @youniquefitness

  • T
    Tiffany Adams

    Great pitch! Can’t wait to see the lives that Exersteem will impact!

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