Estella's Cuisine

Estella's Cuisine

Chantele Jones
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Meet the Founder

Chantele Jones Chantele Jones

Chef, food educator, author, and vegan enthusiast, Chantele Jones, has made it her mission to spread the plant-based lifestyle and dispel the negative myths associated with following a vegan diet. After battling with personal health issues of her own, she discovered how a vegan diet could heal and alleviate many of the problems she was experiencing in her body. Through catering, cooking classes, and hosting private events, Chantele makes plant-based cooking convenient and accessible to her community. She recently made Detroit history by opening its first all-vegan bakery in 2021.


  • Honeydew Holistics
    Honeydew Holistics

    Go Estella’s Cuisine!!!! Grandma would be so proud of you!!

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