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Elaine Beauté

Felicia Lowe
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  • M
    Marsha Berriclearskin

    Good luck!!!!

  • Kawana Howard
    Kawana Howard

    Good luck!!

  • R
    Ronald Howard

    We love

  • Johnson Formilien
    Johnson Formilien

    Amazing product.

  • Javier Lowe
    Javier Lowe

    Great product very effective

  • Mina Dia
    Mina Dia

    Go Get It Queen!! Mina - Royal Fulani Living

  • J
    Johnnie M Hopkins-Howard

    Love her products.

  • K How
    K How

    Amazing products!!!

  • Alexis Tucker
    Alexis Tucker

    You go girl!

  • Anwar Howard
    Anwar Howard

    Keep up the work!

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