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Sade Mims


is a modern lifestyle brand created for eclectic beings. Founded in 2015 by Creative Director, Sade Mims, and currently based in New York City. EDAS’s DNA is rooted in community and innovation. Making its mark in the accessories sector as a brand innately conscious of utilizing storytelling and community building as a leading part of our growth and development. EDAS has been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Architectural Digest and more

Founder Sade Mims

Meet the Founder


  • Alexa Palacios-Pierre

    Alexa Palacios-Pierre

    You’re doing such incredible work, Sade. Looking forward to seeing you continue to shine as always!

  • KW

    Kyzia Wint

    You got this sis!

  • Yolanda Martin

    Yolanda Martin

    “We love each other”. Proud of you.

  • MH

    Marissa Howard

    Sade, we go back to the sand box days!! Can’t be anymore proud of you. Love that your artistic ways are shining through for the world to see. Love you and keep being amazing!

  • JL

    Juliana Lefler

    Best of luck!

  • LB

    Lauren Bordeaux

    Always cheering Sade on! She is a lovely human and deserves everything.