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Meet the Founder

Sade Mims Sade Mims

is a modern lifestyle brand created for eclectic beings. Founded in 2015 by Creative Director, Sade Mims, and currently based in New York City. EDAS’s DNA is rooted in community and innovation. Making its mark in the accessories sector as a brand innately conscious of utilizing storytelling and community building as a leading part of our growth and development. EDAS has been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Architectural Digest and more


  • A
    Ashley Monét Mackey

    Love all that you do (that upcoming EDAS side table is a beauty, too)! Sending love and rooting for you, always!

  • N
    Naomi Elizee

    Love you Sade! Best of Luck!!

  • P
    Paulina Laroya

    EDAD makes such gorgeous unique pieces and I love what the brand stands for. best of luck for Sade!

  • A
    Ashley Hughes

    LOVE LOVE LOVE EDAS! I wish you the best of luck Sade<3 Great pitch, I'm so proud of you!

  • M
    Mecca Williams

    Always rooting for your sister! What a legacy brand! 💛

  • S
    Sharon Hughes

    Love you Sade! Keep pushing, we’re rooting for you!!

  • S
    Samantha Mims

    I love you Sade! I believe in your vision. Keep doing great work!

  • T
    Tyriece McGlawn

    Good luck!!! I hope you win!!! 🩷

  • K
    Kerrivah Heard

    Congrats sis! Keep climbing!

  • D
    Devoni J


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