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This Pitch is Closed


  • Najla Ross-green
    Najla Ross-green

    Awesome pitch!

  • Ania Nicole
    Ania Nicole

    Loved the pitch! I'm a huge fan of Dosso Beauty products. Way to go!

  • Maya Edmond
    Maya Edmond

    Super proud of you always!

  • Kyra Wiggins
    Kyra Wiggins

    Good luck team!

  • Tamika Stibbins
    Tamika Stibbins

    Thank You For the Wondeful products made with Love and consideration of your community. Good Luck and Keep Going Hard!!

  • Ahriana Edwards
    Ahriana Edwards

    You are amazing Kadidja!! Keep representing. This is your year!

  • Jade Leonard
    Jade Leonard

    So proud of you sis! Love you (:

  • BJW Solutions
    BJW Solutions

    So excited for you Soror!!!

  • Jason Barbier
    Jason Barbier

    Prada you!

  • Michelle Gumbs
    Michelle Gumbs

    Amazing pitch!!!

Stay tuned for live competition updates and more!