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Lorenna Feliz Santos Lorenna Feliz Santos

Did you know: 1- There are 34 Million people with diabetes in the US. 2- Only 6,400 endocrinologists. 3- 51% Increase expected in the next 24 years. 4- Those with the highest prevalence of diabetes are Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians. 5- Over 98% of people with diabetes develop complications. DiaM was built to empower, support, and provide access to critical self-care education, tools, and resources. We use behavior-AI to create a personalized diabetes journey and consider a person's culture, language, traditions, and other markers to create an equitable worldview for their diabetes care and journey. We offer a private community, a specialized marketplace, education, tools, and connection to medical providers.


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    You did great!

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    Rosa Walker

    This will be a blessing to the community.

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