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Daa'iyah Fogle
This Pitch is Closed


  • Gwen Blount
    Gwen Blount


  • Professor Hobbs
    Professor Hobbs

    Believing in you, Young Lady!

  • A
    Adrian Brown

    Awesome, congratulations! Keep pushing and remember to always put God first and you will succeed.

  • AaLeeyah AaLeeyah
    AaLeeyah AaLeeyah

    Excited to see your business flourish ❤️🤍

  • Patra Burnside
    Patra Burnside

    Wishing you so much success!!!

  • Patra Burnside
    Patra Burnside

    Donation from Nikki PinkkGoddess Nance. Good luck!

  • byron Dendy
    byron Dendy

    I know you will do great because your parents modeled greatness for you. God Bless-

  • Cedric Jones
    Cedric Jones

    Big cuz is so proud of you!!

  • Tye Jones
    Tye Jones

    45 P.O.R 4L so proud of you back ❤️❤️

  • Otiana Thompson
    Otiana Thompson

    YOU GOT THIS Daa’iyah!!♥️🥳

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