Dancing Zebras Drink

Dancing Zebras Drink

Olivia Croom
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Meet the Founder

Olivia Croom Olivia Croom

Dancing Zebras Kids Flavored Water is a kids drink without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Along with it being a healthy alternative for moms to choose for their families, it is a fun brand that is appealing to kids (and moms) and teaches kids how to make healthier choices in the foods/beverages they consume.


  • David Tucker
    David Tucker

    Congrats! God is all over this ☺️🫶🏾

  • Jan Mauldin
    Jan Mauldin

    Absolutely thrilled to support. I wish this was available when my daughter was younger. It definitely would have made drinking water easier.

  • Love Starks
    Love Starks


  • T
    Terry Phillips

    Congratulations Dancing Zebras Drink for caring for your children's health.

  • Marcella Cheatham
    Marcella Cheatham

    This is an excellent idea as our children are experiencing obesity in record numbers.

  • Lavonda Rimmer
    Lavonda Rimmer

    This is definitely needed, good luck!

  • Marlene Nixon
    Marlene Nixon

    Great idea! Many parents will thank you for saving them from a huge dental bill!

  • Lisa Braddix
    Lisa Braddix

    Great pitch! Best wishes in your product launch.

  • V
    Victoria Watt

    Good luck, Soror Olivia! Sounds like you have a healthier drink choice for kids! Victoria

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