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Common Loons

Ricci Bostick
This Pitch is Closed

Meet the Founder

Ricci Bostick Ricci Bostick


  • D
    Denise Jones

    Go Ricci! You Got This!!!

  • D
    Damari Townes

    Good luck:)

  • M
    Marilyn Bostick

    You go baby!

  • A
    Alonzo Townes

    Good luck👍

  • M
    Matt Even

    Good luck! You're gonna rock it!

  • S
    Santa LeSure

    Keep moving forward.

  • H
    Holiday B


  • A
    Alonzo Townes

    Hey Ric! Those are some nice looking suits! I like the customizable options!! Keep doing your thing! Tell BB to keep watching those car mechanic videos so she can get to work! Love y’all!

  • M
    Mariah Hickman

    Keep crushing it, Ricci! Rooting for you.

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