Butter'd Bodycare - Brittany Bygrave
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Meet the Founder

Brittany Bygrave Brittany Bygrave

Butter'd Bodycare is a feel-good beauty brand that offers simple, moisturizing skincare for melanated skin.


  • Jasmin Jasmin
    Jasmin Jasmin

    Love u!

  • T
    Tareyana Flood-Taylor Flood-Taylor


  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott


  • S
    Sierra Toney

    Best of luck Brittany!!

  • Kana Livolsi
    Kana Livolsi

    Rooting for you! -Kana

  • Briyanna Wilson
    Briyanna Wilson


  • I
    Iyana Anderson

    I'm rooting for you always!!

  • Z
    Zeke D

    You got this!

  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson

    I love the products created by Butterโ€™d and excited for whatโ€™s next!

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