Braxton Simpson - HBCULinx, LLC

Braxton Simpson - HBCULinx, LLC

Braxton Simpson
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  • Aaron Dantley
    Aaron Dantley

    Phenomenal pitch! Really love this dating app idea. I feel just like one of the champions, I’d have used it if I hadn’t already met my partner, but even that was by fate and hinge lol. If you’re looking for any application development support please let me know: /

  • Ronnetta Simpson
    Ronnetta Simpson

    Proud of you!!!

  • Dolores Sturdivant
    Dolores Sturdivant

    Soror Braxton Good Luck to you and your partner. Soror Dolores Sturdivant 🙏🏽💕💚

  • Donzaleigh Arrington
    Donzaleigh Arrington

    Love you! You got this!!

  • Rashaud Simpson
    Rashaud Simpson


  • Andria Simpson
    Andria Simpson

    Shining bright as you always do leading others to where they need to be love Andre’ and Chai

  • F
    Forks GA

    Congratulations Braxton! You're always making us proud uncles! Good Luck to you and all the contestants!

  • S
    Sue Lawson

    Great presentation! Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors! ❤️

  • Angel Harris
    Angel Harris

    You got this sis!

  • Mario Eberhart
    Mario Eberhart

    Good luck Brax & Brionika!

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