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Meet the Founder

Cortni Middleton

a limited-release cloud bakery shipping treats nationwide


  • Glenn Bellamy
    Glenn Bellamy

    Graduated Cum Laud from JWU. World class baking experience. Using only the best sourced natural ingredients. An epicurean delight ! My favorite !😁

  • S
    Sandy Arce

    Awesome pitch!!

  • Christie Gonzalez
    Christie Gonzalez

    Great pitch! You’ve got this!

  • L
    Lindsey J Jackson


  • C
    Christine Jackson

    Excellent!! 👏🏼

  • Pop Waffle
    Pop Waffle

    Awesome pitch! Good luck!

  • J
    John Robitaille

    She's only just begun. Superstar entrepreneur with great determination, skill and integrity.

  • Maryam Muhammad
    Maryam Muhammad

    Congratulations. So proud of you. #theEnergy. Good luck 🙏🏾 💕🤗💕

  • Cat Wilson
    Cat Wilson

    Best of luck!

  • ChiqKiwi ChiqKiwi
    ChiqKiwi ChiqKiwi

    I was introduced to your treats via the Hastings farmers market, love everything I've tasted. Wishing you the best and keep shining!!

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