Bath Notes

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Halima Hubbard

Bath Notes

Founder Halima Hubbard

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  • WC

    WAYMAN Cooley

    We are with you ❤️ wishing you the best of luck and cant wait to see BATH NOTES Wayman (clarematrix)

  • TL

    Tiana Liddell

    Traci’s Daughter Tiana

  • SL

    Stephanie Liddell

    Stephanie, Traci’s daughter

  • JW

    Jonae Williamson

    Let’s Go Lima Bean!

  • Giana Young

    Giana Young

    Lima!!!!!! I'm so proud of you! Teary eyes to your pitch! God took His time when He gave Bath Notes to your spirit...I pray you continue to promote Self-Care, Self-Love, & and all that good stuff to any customer that steps paths with you...we literally neeeeeeed it! Love you! Muah!

  • AI

    Anita Izarraraz

    Wooohooo beautiful soul how exciting!!! Good Luck 🍀 cheering you on all the way Team ( Halima ) 👊🏻💪🏻