Akilah Barrett - Akilah's Essentials

Akilah Barrett - Akilah's Essentials

Akilah Barrett
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  • Sybil Barrett
    Sybil Barrett

    Great presentation good luck. I hope you get a distribution deal with Target and Whole Foods.

  • B
    Brenda Barrett

    Good Luck Akilah! YouGot This!

  • Lebene Hormeku
    Lebene Hormeku

    Akilah, This is excellent. You are going to the top.

  • George Takyi
    George Takyi

    Akilah, great presentation. Excellent.

  • Chaton Turner
    Chaton Turner

    Good luck!

  • Cathy Wright
    Cathy Wright

    Great Job, Akilah.❣️

  • Jared Wright
    Jared Wright


  • Lorna McCormick
    Lorna McCormick

    Success comes to those who continue to strive for excellence. Don’t Stop! Get it! Get it!❤️

  • Lorna McCormick
    Lorna McCormick

    Nana’s cream gives my skin a youthful look and feel. So thankful to have access to this youth cream.

  • Ruby Simmons
    Ruby Simmons

    Akilah, wonderful pitch and giving your Nana recognition. We are all very proud of you. Wishing you the success! Aunt Ruby and Uncle Dave

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