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Nkem Oghedo


Founder Nkem Oghedo

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  • EN

    Emily Nichol

    Adá is doing important work creating new opportunities for emerging chefs and supporting the flavors of their culture and experience as individuals by exposing them to broader audiences. Bravo!

  • FP

    Frank Pinto

    There’s no question that Ada deserves to be a national name, good luck!

  • RM

    Regine Mathieu

    Let’s go!!!

  • JS

    Julian Serrao

    Keep crushing it!

  • MM

    Marcus Medley

    Wishing you the best of luck my friend. Adá has, and will continue to do beautiful things for our community and beyond. Let's go!

  • MR

    Megan Richards

    Amazing pitch - can’t wait to watch Adá grow even more!